Garden City Advancement Award (GACAA) is aimed at recognizing notable patriots and distinguished organizations that have contributed in times past and those that are contributing presently to the advancement of Rivers State, who despite several bottlenecks have chosen to stand out for excellence and exemplary landmark.

The award is aimed at conferring honors on deserving Rivers citizens and organizations that have contributed outstandingly to the growth and development of Rivers State in areas of academics, healthcare, social infrastructure, science and technology, Humanities, Aviation, Transportation, oil and gas reform, Power etc., and other field of human endeavor.

It is important to note that this prestigious award is not the preserve of Rivers indigenes alone as may be erroneously held in some quarters. On the contrary, distinguished non Rivers indigenes who have distinguished themselves in their field of operation which must have a positive effect in the advancement of Rivers State as a nation will receive this most prestigious award.

This is not another room to flaunt or ostentatiously showcase wealth and power, but a genuine inspiring means towards the further development of Nigeria.

The highlight of the event will be the award presentation dinner which will spotlight keynote addresses from speakers from the state and other parts of the nation. The state capital, Port-Harcourt will host this prestigious event.


The Garden City Advancement Award (GACAA) amongst other things is to:

Conduct the award of the Garden City Order of Merit (GCOM), Garden City Order of Excellence (GCOE) and Garden City Order of Distinction (GCOD) for the purpose of the promoting excellence and exemplary achievements in the Rivers State


The event will portray Rivers State as an investment friendly hub to the global community

The event will bring to light the works of various patriots and corporate organizations overtime that has brought lasting development in Rivers State

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