GACA Awards 2022 Edition

2022 Edition | Published: 15 Apr 22

Every year comes with its peculiarities, and every dispensation should end with accountability and proper evaluation of the overall performance of the key players and their achievements. Which should be documented and put in perspectives for the purpose of references, improved productivity and general advancement of the society.

Therefore, it is paramount for every society to create a reward and recognition program that uniquely seeks to improve productivity, accountability and accomplishments, it is also very important that such program will have the ambiance that motivates hard work, positive morals and excellent success in no small measure has awards and recognitions stimulated noteworthy performances and outstanding achievements within and around corporate and secular environment.

Studies have shown that money is not the best way to recognize superior performance, but public recognition and celebration tends to boast people’s ego and make them more productive and increase their level of participation in other to remain relevant in their chosen field of endeavour.

The event is scheduled as follows:
DATE: 29th October, 2022
VENUE: Aztech Arcum, Stadium Road PHC
TIME: 5pm (Blue Carpet), 6pm (Main Event)